Cristy & Fer

Wedding in Riviera Maya / 300 Guests


"I have been told that there is no perfect wedding, that you always get details, but that was not quite true, my wedding was PERFECT in all ways. We are very thankful with Alliance’s team for all their hard work, effort and dedication towards our wedding. We also thank all the suggested vendors involved, they worked together and make our dream wedding come true, unforgettable for us and our guests. I want to thank specially to Dibón, she is a professional and well organized wedding planner, she has everything under control all the time, also she is a beautiful person and now we can call her a friend. Thank you very much for your attentions, for understanding my ideas and making all the involved vendors and staff to make them, for being there for a whole year during the planning of my wedding, thank to all this hard work we were relaxed (my mom and I) Dibon always said everything was under control and it was! It was worthy, we are thrilled with the final result, our big day! We had a blast on the wedding day! My family and I will never end thanking you for the magnificent job done, for making us feel as guests in our own party, enjoying all night long and also the weekend since it was no only the wedding day. Thank you for making our dream wedding come true. Thank you from the bottom of our heart to all the Alliance team, we already miss you!"